ALL ACCESS PASS with Nelson Starr | Episode 4

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ALL ACCESS PASS with Nelson Starr | Episode 4


In a quest to reconnect with his family’s (and Buffalo’s) Polish heritage, Nelson snacks his way through the Broadway Market, polka dances at Dyngus Day, and finally reaches nirvana at Spar’s European Sausages why not try these out.

All Access Pass is a monthly series that takes viewers “backstage” to experience Buffalo’s culinary treasures. Directed by filmmaker John Paget, and hosted by Buffalo’s own food fanatic and rock’n’roll raconteur Nelson Starr.  Produced by

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7 Responses to “ALL ACCESS PASS with Nelson Starr | Episode 4”

  1. Dennis and Mary Ann Benz Says:

    We loved this episode on the Broadway Market. We cannot get good horseradish in Georgia like the horseradish that is made at the Broadway Market, so I grind horseradish root to get the desired “spike”. How does Nelson stay so thin when he samples so much good Buffalo food so often?


    GREAT EPISODE !….AGAIN ! I used to play in the Pinheads with Joe Kennedy. Lost touch with him after all these years. Good to see he and Beth are doing well. Thanks Nelson.

  3. RfNameer Says:

    Love seeing all the wonderful food at the Broadway Market. After seeing the homemade sausage at Spars I must go there to sample the food itself. I didn’t even know it existed until this video. Great Job! Hometown never looked so good.

  4. Beth Says:

    Thanks Nelson for including us in such a cool episode. And may I say to John that he has expert editing skills! Great job!

  5. Kathy Says:

    What a terrific episode. Buffalo is unique and so wonderful! Spar’s does have the greatest sausage in Buffalo!

  6. Denis Says:

    Spar’s is the best, but Hanzlen’s on Gennesee has excellent sausage too.
    For out of towners, not only does the Terminal rock on Dyngus day, but the whole neighborhood joins in—dozens of bars, veteren halls, churches & community centers (most w/ live bands & all w/ food & drink)and there are shuttle busses to hop from place to place.
    Nice job Nelson, showcasing another fun tradition.

  7. Laura Says:

    Spar’s is great but the new owner is getting just a bit greedy with the constant raising of his prices. The original owner didn’t raise prices for 5 years or more and still did a great business. Give us a break.

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