Mustard Seed

Posted on: May 12, 2009
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Have you seen the brouhaha over Pres. Obama’s choice of dijon mustard??  The haters (or is it just Sean Hannity?) just can’t get with his unapologetically French tastes!  Personally, I love it – a president who appreciates Maille…or was it Grey Poupon?  I love them both!!

For more, and a food quiz, see:

Check out our True Blue Buffalo sprouts and tweets for more links on this, including a mustard taste test contest:


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FINALLY – Does anyone know of a really hot mustard (hopefully somewhat readily available) that actually is …hot??  Most of the ones I bought for my own taste tests were pretty …not hot.  The exception is Colemans (and if you prepare it yourself using the raw mustard flour, it’s REALLY hot).   My benchmark for hot is the mustard they serve at McSorley’s Alehouse in NYC.  Now that is freakin’ HOT! …and delicious!!  C’mon foodies!!!

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9 Responses to “Mustard Seed”

  1. Shelly Hunt Says:


    One of the places I’d like you to visit on the “Buffalo Barbecue Trail” is Adventures in Heat in Clarence. Owner George Booth burned his taste buds long ago and carrys some of the hottest mustards, sauces, spices, etc. available to Western New Yorkers. Try the hot spiced green beans in your next Bloody Mary!

  2. Nelson Starr Says:

    Shelly, write me an email at to tell me more about your pitch. Thanks for the tips!


  3. denis Says:

    There’s a Mustard Museum in Wisconsin. Maybe their website (or curator) can help. I think they have close to 1000 different mustards.
    A good one here (but kinda mild-hot) is Webers Sandwich spread…Weber’s w/ chopped onion & peppers already in the jar.

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