Buffalo’s Best Fish Fry Poll

Posted on: March 7, 2009
266 comments so far (is that a lot?)

Friends and fellow foodies,

Who has the best fish fry in Buffalo???  You tell me!!!  Please take two seconds to vote in our new online poll and tell us whose fish fry you favor!  What??  You don’t see your favorite?  Then tell us who you think is best in a comment!!  Remember, opinion are like…well you know…everyone has one!  But here is YOUR chance to promote your fave!!!

with coleslaw,


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266 Responses to “Buffalo’s Best Fish Fry Poll”

  1. Ron Eggleton Says:

    The best fish fry I ever had was at Kenmore Fish. You’d have to stand in a line that went outside on Friday’s. They had several fish choices and superior rings as well. My mother and I were regulars at McPartland’s for years- they somehow did it just right. The place I’m surprised you left out was the lunch downtown Legion Post on Franklin- that’s a classic.

  2. Toni Gleason Says:

    The Swannie House has the best fish fry in Buffalo. I’ve had fish frys all over and used to think the Edge of Town had the best until I tried the Swannie House. Awesome, in fact all of the food served there is excellent.

  3. Tim Jezioro Says:

    Wiechecs has the best

  4. Nelson Starr Says:

    Kenmore Fish?? It’s now “Hayes”. It’s almost as good but, in fairness, we included only sit down places – they’re a fish monger as well. BUT… that’s the point – if 300 people say, “Yo, Hayes is the best”, they win anyway!! So far we only have one vote for them. And none for the post – which we saw some bad reviews for online (and many good ones too). These were places that came up the most and were all positives!!

    Thanks for the comments! Pass this things around. We want everyone pissed off and angry – arguing and hating over who has the best fish fry (it’s too nice so far!)!!!! We love it!!

    definitely fishy,

  5. Eric and Rin Says:

    We are out of the loop at this point – but we remember P.J. Bullfeathers and Neighbors Pub being very good, especially the former. There were others too (Sullies and The Royal Pheasant but I know they’re out of business).

    Well, Just some thoughts to add to the conversation…

    e + r

  6. Scott Says:

    Must agree on the Swannie House. Great fish, food and service too!!

  7. Rich the Snitch Says:

    Casey’s in “Downtown” Black Rock, or the Sit and Chat on Ontario Street in Riverside. Consistant, cheap and taste great along with a good helping of fries and sides.

  8. Cliff Says:

    The best bar Fish Fry in town is the Wellington Pub. When the Wurzbuger Hof closed my family chased fish fries all over town and ended at the Wellington, whose fish fry comes closest to the Wurzburger fish fry experience. The best non bar Fish Fry in town is JOE’S DELI on Hertel- the fish is awesome, they have the best fries in town, and both the slaw and tartar sauce are exceptional. I am not a tartar sauce guy (squeezed lemon for me) but the tartar sauce on the fish at Joe’s is incredible.

  9. Krysta Says:

    I always enjoy going to Papa Jake’s on Elmwood. Great service and atmosphere. Reservations are a must on Friday nights, especially when the Sabres are playing.

  10. steve Says:

    Swannie’s cook Margo Kowal is definatly deserving of the credit and acclaim for Swannie House.

  11. Hunter Says:

    Margo Kowals fish fry from the swannie house r to die for.

  12. Mic Says:

    Curry’s on ken ave is fanstatic but also checkout Boomerangs on Niagara!

  13. John McGuire Says:

    Papa Jake’s is amazing!. Great fish but it’s all about the extras. I don’t know where their extras are made but the potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw all taste very much like they are homemade, along with a fantastic beer selection.

  14. Andy Says:

    Sharkey’s on Van Renssalear between South Park and Exchange-behind the Larkin Building. Salads taste homemade and the fries are steak fries. The fish comes beer-battered or broiled in a variety of styles.

    Sharkey’s stuck it out when times were tough, before the area was labelled as the “Larkin District”. Now they’re reaping the rewards. Try them.

  15. Tracy Says:

    I’m not sure if they have the best fish fry but I always liked Falleta’s in the Village of Kenmore. There was always ample portions of coleslaw and macaroni salad. Not to mention a good fish fry. I think they have since relocated to Clarence.

  16. jackie Says:


  17. Mary Says:

    My mom, who has been eating fish fry since the fish actually came from Lake Erie, likes Hayes best. I prefer Shannon Pub (on Niagara Falls Blvd).

  18. brendan crotty Says:

    Hoaks restaurant in hamburg has been known for decades and still has the top fish fry in town in every category:
    And ambiance
    For the complete fish fry experience you cannot beat hoaks. No one else comes close.

  19. Tracy Diina Says:

    Wiechec’s on Clinton!! The best!!

  20. Erica Says:

    By far the Swannie House has the best fish fry in western New York! Besides the over-abundance of fish and salads and right prices, the service is phenomenal, the food is expectionally delicious and it has a down to earth atmosphere! Whats not to love?!?!? Margo keep up all your good work!

  21. Andy Says:

    My vote is for the Beach House restaurant on Grand Island. The beer batter coating is always crispy with a great flavor and of course the haddock is as fresh as you can get in WNY. They never overcook the fish as many places tend to do.

  22. steve Says:

    YO! Nelson! You want ’em p.o.’ed? Then tell ’em to stop eatin’ slop and go eat Margo’s gormet cookin at Swannie House, where there are good times and good fish instead of belly-up mud cats rolled in flies and warmed by the sun! YO!

  23. Allen Jr Says:

    Swannie House

  24. Rob C Says:

    Swannie House has the best fish fry- but Kim S makes the experience much more enjoyable.

  25. Joan Says:

    Love the Swannie House Fish Fry.

  26. Wilde Joan Says:

    Swannie House has the the best fish fry around and Kim (bartender) makes the best drink in town.

  27. Mcq Says:


  28. Officer Bob Says:

    Swannie House rules and the service is lightening fast. Just ask Pete!

  29. Mary Mary Says:

    The Swannie House without a doubt has the best fish fry in Buffalo. Not to mention the superfabulous sides that go with it. Margo Kowal rocks the kitchen at Michigan & Ohio.

  30. Lynne Says:

    Margo at the Swannie House…You go girl!

  31. Shelli Says:

    Swannie House has the best fish fry. Margo is the best. Keep up the great work.

  32. DS Says:

    The Swannie’s Fish Fry is Huuugggeea!!! The Entire Staff…from the Cooks, to the Waitressess, to Ben&Jerry who do dishes! And last but by far not least The Bartenders!!!!
    Great job Tim! And Congrats to Margo….Hollaaa!!!!!

  33. Kane Says:

    Swannie House Rocks! Margo and crew do an amazing job and there is no better place! Service is awesome and its always a good time. And . . how could you NOT love the bartenders?? GO SWANNIE!!!!

  34. Louie Says:

    Way to go Margo keep up the good work sis

  35. Dawn Says:

    Chef Margo Kowal- the best of the best in the Buffalo area. her aunt Dawn

  36. Eric Says:

    swannie house clearly has the best fish fry thanks to chef margo…not only the fish but all the food espesially her chicken wings and her special hot sauce she makes for me…yumm yumm

  37. Lynn Says:

    The Swannie has the best fish fry and salads.

  38. Mom Says:


  39. darlana Says:

    margo should have her own tv show she is that good

  40. Heavy drinker Says:

    Swannie house has the best fish fry not to mention the best wings in buffalo. The service is great and DS is the MAN! Way to go guys and congratz on blowing everyone away on this poll.

  41. Mom Says:


  42. pat Says:

    swannie fishfry eats all other fishfry…benny boop is the greaest cook ever

  43. dpbflo Says:

    Charlie O’Brien’s 865 Elk Street
    huge portions- comes with homeade salads (mac and slaw) and choice of potato- german, american, steak fries, or twice baked @ $9.95

  44. Denise Says:

    Here are my faves!
    Johnny Yanni’s Half Moon Bay, 126 Wheatfield St., North Tonawanda NY 692-3171
    Polish Villa, 2954 Union Road, Cheektowaga, NY 683-9460
    Jades Restaurant, 4495 Broadway, Depew NY 683-5054
    Rodney’s Restaurant & Lounge, 4179 Lake Shore Rd. Hamburg NY 627-5166
    Michael’s Town Shanty, 2400 Clinton St. Cheektowaga, NY 824-6775

  45. matt D Says:

    Swannie House in Buffalo
    Tony Rome’s (The Globe Hotel) in East Aurora
    Squire’s Tap Room in Tonawanda

  46. Carol from Sarasota Says:

    The old Hidden Hollow Inn (now the Brick Oven) at 444 Indian Church Rd in West Seneca near Harlem Rd. For $10.95 you get 1 1/2 large pieces of fish with all the trimmings. Best place in town… but go early or late, and if you go when it rains, you’ll have to swim through the parking lot, but it’s worth it!

  47. mark Says:

    Sportsmen’s Tavern

  48. Meaux Says:

    I would have to say the Swannie House in Buffalo and the service is great.

  49. Robin Reason Says:

    Rodneys Restaurant in Hamburg is by far the best.Swannie is pretty good too…way to stuff the ballot box!


    McPartlan’s in Cheektowaga is the best!!!!

  51. TV apps Says:

    I don’t know where their extras are made but the potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw all taste very much like they are homemade, along with a fantastic beer selection.

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  53. Marilyn Says:

    You peaked my interest with the Swannie House but I just found out that the fish has skin on it and I dislike that.
    I agree that Halfmoon Bay, in North Tonawanda, HAD a good fish fry, with absolutely to die for macaroni salad, but since they moved I don’t enjoy it much.
    Squires Tap Room, in Tonawanda, is awesome, although the seating there is very limited.
    The Elk’s, in North Tonawanda, on Main and Sweeney has delicious fish, but the sides are not homemade. The barmaid knows how to make a drink though.
    Have also had the fish at Pizza Junction and that is also VERY good. Don’t pay extra for the coleslaw though, that was not good.
    So if anyone knows good places with beer battered, skinless fish, let me know.

  54. Kathy Says:

    Don’t know much about “Fish Fry’s” in Buffalo but if you’re ever in Nevada the best is @ Cold Springs Station along the loneliest Hwy 50. We only do it on the 3rd Friday of the month but is well worth your effort!

  55. Nichole Says:

    Best Fish Fry in the city is Pandora’s, the location is on North Filmore and they offer the Best Southern Fish Fry around…I wish they would open a second location outside the city!

  56. ex restaurant ownner Says:

    ok nice that family likes margos cooking but you should really hear from people other than family who are not related. Nowadays its super easy to do fish and every one does.What it really takes is a nice place,clean bathrooms and an owner who appreciates the customer.Who else gives free dessert or a free glass of wine with dinner.THere are ALOT of places withreally good food its about time these places honer the customer

  57. Paul Lenyard Says:

    I totally agree !!!

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  62. Fishman Says:

    Swannie House french fries are terrible, limp and greasy. Everything else was great

  63. Janis Says:

    Best fish fry fundraiser is Spring Brook fire company off of Seneca St. in Elma. Can’t beat this one for Big,fresh and good…. and the profits going to a Great cause. Has more than fish! Fingers, shrimp, baked potatoes. Give it a try if your in the area on a Friday during Lent!

  64. Bob Says:

    By far the best fish fry I have even had, The Swannie House, at the corner of Michigan and Ohio streets downtown! I have had fish frys all over Buffalo and I must say, Swannie House has the best fish and best prices! Keep up the great work! I’m heading there tonight before the Sabres game!

  65. Chuck Says:

    best fish Fri i ever had in buffalo!
    I worked for a contractor for 4 years in buffalo and every Friday we had a fish Fri. and that’s allot of Fri!
    your not going to believe this but….and keep in mind that this was 10 years ago and things might have changed
    since then.. Check this out…Jims-Truck-Plaza-Buffalo?

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  68. Megan Says:

    My faves, in no particular order:

    Amherst Ale House (Crosspointe business park)
    Gabe’s Gate (Allen St)
    Curry’s (Kenmore Ave)
    Kiebzak’s (38 Crocker St. Is that Sloan? I’m not sure)
    Loughran’s (Main near Harlem in Amherst)
    Beach House (Grand Island)
    Cole’s (Elmwood near Forest)
    Peg’s Place (Lake Shore Rd. Hamburg)

    All have yummy, crunchy beer battered fish and they all have good sides: slaw, macaroni, potato. I’ve never had bad service at any of these places and they are all reasonably priced. I love this town! Cheers.

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  74. Buffalo Dave Says:

    Places I like for fish:

    Wiechec’s – Always good
    Mr. Bills – always good

    Neither place is super fancy. Yet both have outstanding fish fry’s that are consistently good every single time.

    Wiechec’s also has exceptionally good chowders, soups and gumbo.

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