ADVENTURES IN BUFFALOLAND with Tim Tielman | Episode 3

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ADVENTURES IN BUFFALOLAND with Tim Tielman | Episode 3

“Modern Ain’t All Bad”

Is there a modern building which Tim actually likes?  This week, Tim takes us to Lafeyette Square in downtown Buffalo and actually manages to say nice things about two modern buildings.

Adventures in Buffaloland is an almost weekly series, with new episodes almost every Friday. Experience the thrills and chills of Buffalo architecture and civic design with host Tim Tielman of the Campaign For Greater Buffalo.  Produced by John Paget.

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4 Responses to “ADVENTURES IN BUFFALOLAND with Tim Tielman | Episode 3”

  1. Josh Says:

    Thanks for doing a video about the positives.

  2. John Marko Says:

    A couple thoughts…

    Phol, Roberts, Biggie did both the Convention Center and the “new” City Court Building – at roughly the same time frame (within a year or two). It would be an interesting “add” to the commentary for this episode and the one where you discussed the City Court Building. (I used to be an Architectural Intern there while getting my degree at the time the City Court Building was done).

    When the original Erie County Savings Bank (which eventually became “Empire” Bank before Neil Bush instigated the Savings & Loan mess and Empire was forced to take over a lot of the failed institution which eventually lead to it’s collapse) Tower of Main Place was constructed and occupied, the part that is now aparently behind some drywall panels, was the main banking lobby of the main branch of the bank, and was really quite impressive at the time – with all the banking tellers in a line directly in front of the windows on the inside.

    When one walked into the bank, the panorama of the cityscape beyond was truly breathtaking. Also, at the time, since there was an active bank in place, there was a lot of activity around the corner, on the “pedestal”, and in the banking hall. In addition to the tellers, all the desks for personal consultation with bank personell were in the center, as well as exhibit space for changeable art shows, and the giant model train set at Christmass.

    So your commentary on the “deadness” of the current condition does not mesh with what the original design and condition was – so the design of this corner actually worked quite well. Now that Buffalo has experienced a long period with the closing of the banks, of course there is no longer any activity on the site.

  3. Andrew Says:

    @ john. Main place is very blan and boring. you can find it in any downtown in america. The old erie county savings bank they tore down to construct this tower was iconic and it makes me sick whenever i look at the new tower.

  4. mario madero Says:

    How about pushing for a public mural on the wall of the convention center that you show your audience?

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