ADVENTURES IN BUFFALOLAND with Tim Tielman | Episode 1

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ADVENTURES IN BUFFALOLAND with Tim Tielman | Episode 1

In the series premiere, Buffalo’s leading preservationist Tim Tielman takes us to Niagara Square to visit the building he would most like to see demolished.  Heads will roll!

Adventures in Buffaloland is a weekly series. Experience the thrills and chills of Buffalo architecture and civic design with host Tim Tielman of the Campaign For Greater Buffalo.  Produced by John Paget.

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17 Responses to “ADVENTURES IN BUFFALOLAND with Tim Tielman | Episode 1”

  1. Steve Thoren Says:

    Loved it! A great way to educate and entertain at the same time. Good camera work too! Steve.

  2. Lou Moran Says:

    Very good…liked that compare and contrast of architecture as well as function. This is the first recommended teardown I am aware of from you Tim!

  3. admin Says:

    Check out “Beautifying Brutalism” – Buffalo Rising’s short blog (and many comments) about the city court building.

  4. Sheila Dickinson Says:

    What a terrific way to showcase Tim’s expertise and showmanship. Local history and architecture always get a big boost from Tim. Thanks.

  5. John Marko Says:

    I think you should know a couple things about the City Court Building:

    The reason for the design of the “windowless” building was quite well thought out for the function of the building.

    The genesis of this building was immediately after the assisination of JFK and Oswald, which took place as he was being transferred from a holding cell in the city jail to another location.

    Consequently, the design of Buffalo’s City Court Building was done to maximise security and functionality at a time when it seemed that all our civic leaders were being killed one by one.

    There are indeed windows in the City Court Building -those “strips” at the ends of the corridors where the public congregates before entering the individual court rooms. The individual court rooms were designed without any windows whatsoever to provide no distractions and complete security for court proceedings.

    The original design was to have large wall mounted sculptures – figures of justice and related figures, but were never added due to budget/financial conditions at the time. Also, the green spaces surrounding the building were to have large trees that would have grown up half the building. The building was not designed as to stand out, but to be a background buidling.

    Your “opinion” as to the beauty of the building is just yours – I and a lot of people happen to think this is a striking building and quite handsome.

  6. Cory Hill Says:

    I would NOT like to see this building demolished as Tim Tielman said. Everytime I come to Buffalo and bring people with me, that’s one of the buildings everyone points out and says “WOW- i’ve never seen anything like that”. Either they like it or they don’t and the majority of the time people thinks it’s extremely unique – in a LOTR tower way. It definitely adds contrast in comparison to the rest of the surrounding buildings – and adds to the diversity of our “treasure trove” of buildings. Yes physically it’s rough- but appreciate it for it’s style. If you told me that it was supposed to be designed as a Neo-classical building i would say “disgusting”- if you told me it’s a brutilist building – i would say “the architect hit the spot”. It has it’s own character – and it shows when it pops out in the eyes of people from out of town.

  7. Bruce Aquilina Says:

    West Evil St…. Love it.

  8. Joan Says:

    It would be a perfect place to have ongoing projection displays (people, places of WNY past and pressent, etc.) rather like our very own Times’ Square.

  9. Mark Says:

    Your movies are great! Well done.

  10. Jameson Says:

    I Love it! Good camera work too!

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